Meus Amigos



The bed & breackfast Meus Amigos, is waiting to welcome you with the traditional Brazilian and good humor to accompany you for the rest of your wonderful holiday here in Cumbuco. Our Pousada is Brazilian-style, cozy, simple, well-located and with a staff that will help make your stay as best as possible.


We offer service to 360 °, from 'help in finding a buggy with a driver to take you to make a trip or simply take you to some lagoon kiting. Or if you need such a good kitesurf instructor, we've got it. We try to establish a good relationship with our customers, we want to help out, be as present as possible at the right time .. Hoping that our relationship with you becomes a friendship above all!


We offer accommodation in cozy and comfortable rooms with bath. We do not have air conditioning, we opted for the classic wall fan, considering that the weather permits there and our friend the wind never abandons us! All this, to keep costs low and our customers appreciate! We offer free internet ... Our prices are among the lowest, we offer daily rooms from 80 reais.


We opted for the simplicity and efficiency, but without neglecting the courtesy and above all cleanliness and hygiene. We have a large kitchen, where you can use the service as and when you want, always with respect and as to us and those who will benefit after you. There is an open area in the back of the inn, where you can relax after a new session of kitesurfing! On the first floor there is a spacious terrace, where guests can enjoy some relaxing on a hammock is definitely recommended. We laundry, or as a service is not bad, reasonable prices and efficient service.


And then ... And then I was forgetting to specify where we are ... We are in the "villa cumbuco", in the center, really two steps from the square, the sea, entertainment ... We are in the right place! And we know that if you come to visit, you too will appreciate our efforts, that differentiate us and that we make friends with our customers. We are always open, we appreciate the booking via email, but for obvious reasons it is required to send a deposit of 30%, confirming the actual booking. This is the only thing that we demand, as well as the full respect for us and for our work.



On the outskirts of Fortaleza, about 25 km north of the capital, in the state of Ceara in northeastern Brazil beautiful, there is a small seaside town, situated in the district of Caucaia called Cumbuco. Originally it was just a small fishing village, but for about 10 years now has become the Mecca of kitesurfing.


The center of Cumbuco is surely a reflection of Brazil. The peculiarity of this village is the square where you will find all the evening people eating street-food or maybe you soffermerete admiring fleets of kids of all ages playing soccer in the pitch made next to the church of S.Pedro.


In low season, roughly from March to May, excluding weekends but especially on Sunday, you will find a few people. Lost in this huge beach, wild, free, from almost white sand, you will most certainly at this time, at home, free to lounge under a palm tree or sit and admire the ocean from one of the various "barrachas", sipping water coconut or a cold beer ...


You need pure relaxation? Why not try a definitely super relaxing massage on the beach! Some barrachas Cumbuco's offer this unique service to Brazilian price ... The only drawback, because addiction!


As an alternative to the relaxation of the beach, in the off season as in the rest of the year, you can take a hike in "jangada", typical boats that the local fishermen use it daily for work or for tourism. The jangada is a boat particularly of northern Brazil, with a flat keel which resembles a raft and sail a uniquely shaped and various colors.


Another alternative are the nice excursions with buggies, special vehicles, also from various customizations, suitable for trips to the beach or the dunes, where you can see maybe the sunset from a striking position or perhaps take a tour of the area and learn scenarios of rare natural beauty.


I remember that there is the possibility to swim in the lagoons of rainwater, located in the dunes, or maybe launch with skibunda from the top of a dune, with this wooden board, which may or may ride or simply used as in snowboarding. At the end of the descent you can choose to end your run directly in Lagoa or descend safely dry.


Last but not least, there are horse riding, certainly of particular interest and is very impressive. A few kilometers from the beach to the north, we have the reserves natural freshwater Cauipe, Lagoa do Banana, Agua Crystalline and further south the Lagoa Tabuba


The beauty continues into the evening, where you can party into the night, thanks to the many barrachas and places offering live music, great food and drink special colors and tastes unique and unmistakable, typical of Brazil! As usual this is a place that can be experienced or with friends or alone ... It's almost impossible not to make friends with the natives of the place or with other tourists from all over the world ... The atmosphere is contagious and the place It brings you to enjoy to the full holiday!


The sun in this part of Brazil sets at 17:30 and rises around 5:30. The temperature varies between 26 degrees Celsius and approximately 31 throughout the year and the sun is felt, but the wind helps a lot to make it a lot more tolerable climate of the place.


But get to the point .. We are in Cumbuco, known throughout the world for being the Mecca of Kite! Here from June to February, we have increased the power of the trade winds that start blowing around 18 knots and arrive at the tips of 26 during the months. The wind here is always constant in this period, almost every day, and along the coast, about 15 km, generously large, you can go out anywhere because you will not find virtually obstacles as jetties, breakwaters or other structures along this beautiful beach ...


Hanging out with the Kite on this beach, it means that even if there happens an unexpected in water, such as the loss of the table due to a wrong maneuver, or maybe just have to go back to shore because of a leaky valve, you are guaranteed to return with minimal effort on the beach, thanks to the wind blowing from the south-east constantly.

kite surf

With these characteristics of the wind, so you can guarantee a day of kite memorable. Ample space to challenge themselves with new figures or sail in total safety thanks to the enormous costs all free, both at sea and on the beach


Do not worry, if you are not confident enough to go out in the ocean, there are lagoons ... Large reservoirs of fresh water, where to start to take its first edge or experiment with new maneuvers. These beautiful places that offer the possibility of sperimetare or improve in this discipline, are special. That is to say that we have water conditions practically flat and touches virtually anywhere.


In these particular lagoons, it is to stand in awe because here you will meet the pro-rider or the world's most famous champion of home Dioneia Vieira, and perhaps make friends with someone who can give you a tip or exchange a few trick. If you want you can leave out the Lagoa Tabuba, taking a bus from the simple cost of 2.25 reais, and then make a downwind until the Lagoa of Cauipe, for a total of about 10 km of pure adrenaline and waves to ride freely !


Return is strictly buggy and if the tide allows, you can go back along the beach. This is much more awaits here in Cumbuco, you will find true relaxation or kitesurfing ... Anyway, you will find your holiday sought and your Ponto de Equilíbrio! See you soon!!!